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C & C++ Language Course


It is the logical unit of the computer. Software is not touchable part of computer. We can only feel it.

There are 3 types of software.

       1. System software

       2. Package software.

       3. Application software / custom software.

Features of C language:

         > Flexible and General Purpose Language :

‘C’ is rightly called a flexible language or General purpose language since it enables the users to write application programs like Financial Accounting, Sales Analysis and so on. Some of the application packages like dBase, Word processor, LOTUS 1-2-3 and CLIPPER are written in ‘C’. The extremely

large function library of ‘C’ has given it ample power in all types of applications. Business systems, Computer Aided Design, Graphics and Animation applications can be easily programmed in ‘C’. ‘C’ is also being used for applications involving physics and engineering problems, user interfaces, communications.

> Structured Language:

Program is broken into different section, each of which is used to solve specific task. This means you can solve the complex problem easily.

> Portable Language:

‘C’ is considered to be a machine independent and a portable language. Program written in c can run at any architecture with no changes or little one.

> Simple but Rich Language

It is well known fact that by using ‘C’ programmer can almost achieve the efficiency of assembly code combined with the structure and ease of use of a high level language. No wonder ‘C’ is the most popular language among professional programmers and is destined to be one of the most important languages.

  > Extensible Language

    ‘C’ has the ability to extend itself. A c program is basically a collection of c functions (i.e. printf(), scanf() ) that are supported by C library. We can continuously add

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